Funny-Games Lifeselector - Alyssa Bounty is always Ready to Spread her Legs for you Naked

Funny-Games Lifeselector - Alyssa Bounty is always Ready to Spread her Legs for you Naked play

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FREE PORN: "do you want anything to drink jonathan" she asked before she sat down "no im fine why dont you come over here and sit with me" i asked patting the seat next to me on the coach i had made sure that we had a very touchy feely realationship probably cuz i loved to feel her "ok let me get a drink 1st" she said and left and came back with 2 cokes "i figured i'd get you 1 for later" she said handing me 1 "thanks" took and we sat there and watched T Squirting i just wanted to touch your boobs" i said like a little 10 year old "we cant do it here lets go to my room" she smiled we fucking ran to her room and i shut the door (i dont know why) and we started kissing i broke the kiss "haley you know what gets me really horny" "what" "i love panties" i sayed devilishly "you do do you spread out on the bed" she demanded so i did spread eagle on the bed "take off your clothes first" i silently and quickly got up and did as i was told kind of embarassed that i had to be told to get naked then i layed back down on the bed my 4inch penis which was getting harder and longer flapping side to side (im 6 inches hard) she turned around and giggled with a drawer in her and and she dumped its content on me it was all of her panties cotton silk even a thong and i started sniffing them and licking them i was in heaven then she said "oh ya and the best ones" and she slid down her shorts exposing her white cotton panties with roses on them and slideing that off and putting them on my head so that the pussy part was on my nose and i could see out the leg hole i was entranced with her bald pussy and while i was stareing she got completely naked and walked over and blew on my now really hard dick and she stuck it in her mouth "oh haley that feels so gooooooood" i said in excstasy as she tounged the head then i felt the builed up that all guys no mean that your about to cum but before i could warn my sexy cousin i had shot my whole load down her throat and she swallowed it all "that was wonderful but now its my turn get you ass up here" i said as we switched places on the bed and i situated my head between her spread legs smelling her scent i liked and kissed her innerthighs up and down then i kissed her preteen bald pussy and stuck my tounge in then licked from her asshole to her clit then i played wtih her clit and stuck my index and middle fingers into her tight cunt she moaned "oh jonathan uh keep going" she screamed and then she tenced up and then she cummed all over me in a tremendous orgasam her juices cumming out could have challenged a tsunami we sat there for about a minute then she sat up and looked me dead in the eye and said "time to fuck me big boy" and she pulled me up to her and we kissed and then i stuck my dick in her pussy and thrust as i popped her cherry she screamed "keep going" so i did and it was the most miraculous feeling i have ever felt ifucked her til she came 4 more times and me 6 then we both fell asleep with me inside her GODDAMN WHAT A NIGHT. my cousin haley is the cutest girl in the world she is 12 5,3 brown hair green eyes nice smile and even nicer ass i am jonathan i am 16 6,1 brown hair hazel eyes me and haley live in the same city we live across town and we see each other about once every 2 weeks and every chance i have gotten to look at her ass as we were growing up i took i have a very deep fetish for panties which i think haley started when i would see her dirty panties in her room of her house one time i had been told by my mom that there whole family was going out of town my aunt and uncle to new york and my cousin to some church trip so i thought it would be the perfect oppurtunity to go by her house while they were gone use my spare key and sniff some of her panties so i went and as not to be stupid i went up to the front door and rang it and waited all of 2 seconds before i went around to the garage where the spare key was but half way down the sidewalk i hear the door open and i her haley say "hello is anyone here" i was shocked i thought she was gone "uhh ya haley its me " "jonathan what are you doing here" she asked i looked and her body as she was doing so trying to be discreet my eyes wandered over her short gymnastic shorts and my mind raced wanting to see what was underneath them and i looked up at her shirt she really didnt have big boobs yet they couldnt have been more than 32b "what are you doing here" she asked "i was comeing by to check on the house for you guys i thought everyone was out of town" i said making up the lie off the top of my head "ya i was supposed to go to atlanta this weekend but the trip got cancelled" she said "oh that sucks well i'll go since your here to watch the house" i said as i turned around dissapointed "wait im scared here alone will you stay with me" she said innocently my mind flipped i started to get in my perverted little head hey does she feel like i do does she wanna fuck then i came back to reality no way "ok ill stay as long as you need" "oh thank you" she said so i followed her into her house thru the kitchen and into the living room the whole walk i just watched her ass

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