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He was pinching and and scratching my tits as hard as possible as he rammed his cock in and out

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. I shook as I neared his feet knowing what I was going to have to do but hating it more than ever. My eyes met his and he said as his eyes penetrated my body “That's the first time I've heard you call me daddy!” I nodded tear streaming down my face and couldn't meet his eyes as he continued knowing what he said was true “But you are right I am your father and I should not do this to you!” my head snapped up and I starred at him surprised at he admission and felt relief that he was finally letting me go “Thank you so much, thank you, I swear I will behave” he nodded dismissively and said smirking as his eyes ran over my body and his hand rubbed at the bulge in his shorts “I know you will behave, you are nothing but my slave daughter and I will fuck you when I please and how I please, so like the slave you are get on your knees and get between my legs
. . “Were you lifting with you legs or your back?” I bit my lip knowing he would be annoyed

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Pauline Knof nude - Teufelsmoor (2018)

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Pauline Knof nude - Teufelsmoor (2018)

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